August 2011

  • Prof. Sudharman Jayaweera and his research group won an award for a paper presented at the IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing in Victoria, Canada in Aug. 2011. The paper was awarded the "IEEE PACRIM 2011 Gold Award for Best Communications Paper".
    IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing
    S. Chen, C. Ghosh, A. M. Wyglinski and S. K. Jayaweera, "Impact of Group Cooperation over Competitive Secondary Subnetworks" IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing, Victoria, Canada, Aug. 2011. [pdf]
  • Prof. Jayaweera delivered the invited plenary talk at the 6th International Conference on Industrial and Information systems in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Aug 16-19th 2011 (ICIIS2011).
    ICIIS 2011
    The title of the talk was "Radiobots: Towards Self-learning Autonomous Cognitive Radios". [more]
  • January 2011

  • A plenary talk has been presented by Prof. Sudharman Jayaweera in the Radio Wireless Week (RWW2011) Conference.
    Abstract: Although cognitive radios has seen an enormous interest from various research communities, arguably even the definition of what it is still not clear. In particular, depending on the person’s background the adapted definition varies: For example, RF antenna/reconfigurable hardware community treats it as an upgrade of an software-defined radios (SDR’s), PHY/MAC and communication theory researchers consider it to be all about dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), and computer scientists seem to believe it is primarily a radio with machine learning. However, a more suitable notion of a true cognitive radio would need to encompass all these, plus perhaps some more. With this broad view of developing a radio with true cognitive abilities, we define a cognitive radio as “an intelligent wireless communications device that has the ability to reason and learn from the observed RF environment to self-decide optimal communications mode and can optimally self-configure its hardware to support the selected mode”. [more]
  • September 2010

  • Prof. Sudharman K. Jayaweera participated as a panelist in a workshop organized by EU FP7 project C2POWER. The workshop focused on power optimization techniques, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal on the 8th of September.
    "EU FP7 project C2POWER (Cognitive Radio and Cooperative Strategies for Power Saving) main objective is to research, develop and demonstrate energy saving technologies for multi-standard wireless mobile devices, exploiting the combination of cognitive radio and cooperative strategies while still enabling the required performance in terms of data rate and QoS to support active applications." [more]
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